About Me

A handsome web programmer

I built Schoork as a way to help myself and other school and district leaders manage our jobs more easily.

As an assistant principal for seven years, I understand the need for programs that meet the specific needs of a school. I spent too much in Excel building charts and compiling data. So I built a program that would do that for you, giving you more time to work directly with students and teachers.

As a deputy superintendent, I learned the need for district-wide systems and programs to increase accountability and efficiency. Schoork halved the number of paper forms in one district in a year, increasing access to information and internal controls.

I, primarily, write web apps in Ruby on Rails and mobile apps in Flutter. I long for the day when I never have to write another line of CSS.

About Shelby

A dog standing on a log

Vice President of Naps and Security, Shelby is a five year-old Labrador Mix (heavy on the mix).

She loves hikes, chasing squirrels, hanging at the dog park, and staring out the window. She dislikes fireworks, thunder, and Halloween.