Privacy Policy

We collect the data you tell us to collect

Schoork is a data management system, so it needs data to be useful. Most of the data in Schoork is the data you input directly into the system. We may collect data from third-party sources (data from your student management system), but only at your direction.

We also collect a few tidbits of data when users login to the site, such as their IP address and browser information. This is stored in case we need to examine it for a site attack.

Unlike some other sites, we are not in the business of selling your data (or giving it away for free) to third-party companies. It's simple. We won't sell your data to third-parties. Unless you authorize it, we won't give your data away to third-parties.

Why might you authorize it? What if you want to send your data to your state educational agency? We will share it with them, if you ask us to.

We won't sell it or give it away for free

You can have it when you want it

Do you want your data? You can have it. Schoork has some built-in tools to allow you to export data whenever you wish. If you want all of your data, or the tool doesn't give you the data you need, ask us and we will give it to you in a jiffy.

Schoork may store some Personally Identifiable Information (PII) for your students. To remain FERPA-compliant (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974), we ensure this information is only accessible to users who sign in with an email and password combination. We also attempt to limit, as much as possible, the ability for PII to be sent via unprotected email. For instance, when a user is sent an email about a student's office referral, the student's name and the description are not given in the email. A user must login to see this information.

There are some ways that users might circumvent these efforts and be able to send PII through email methods. Where users can affect the text of an email, we warn them not to include PII data.

We are FERPA compliant